Friday, April 18, 2014

UNconditional LOVE

It was on this day that the Lord God Almighty sent His own beloved Son to do what no man could do, that is to die on the cross for our filthy sins. He that had no sin died for our sins in order to rectify our bond with God, to re-unite us with the Father for without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins. This is true love from God the Father to us, His great mercies and abundant grace upon us sinners. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ, for we are because You are! Thank You for Your unconditional true love! May we rejoice, glorify and honour You for ever and ever Amen.



 Take your pick.....hmmm decisions decisions...I want them ALL!! 



All theses fabulous bags can be easily found at  for those prestigious events, classy parties, dinner date or just to vamp up your outfit, you can never go wrong with a classy bag. Go fab or go home!!!
Going nuts over this green beauty...loving the colour, the chain handle...the shape is WOW!!

Clutch it up with this super chic slim yellow and gold clutch bag, I WANT....
 My yummilicious, fabulicious box bag is my number ONE must have. Its so unique and outta this world..... Mine is on its way, get yours by simply inboxing Divyine Closet facebook page or place your order at
 Much love and respect for this ClassACT!!
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Viv Trends Fashion & Metcourt Inn



Snapped a few pic, though they are not many and not of good quality...sos quality cam needed!!After the models went down the runway, there was a mini shop in which we coud buy stuff off the runway.
If you see smthing that you like,add a comment and i'l get back to you! Thanx fabz

 Rocking red tights-from china-town,sequined white top and flats I both got from Mr. Price outlet!
 Wore my LV sunglasses, earrings from one of my favourite people, a banging multi coloured neckpiece I bought from JELOS Closet.....oh and my 2 toned braids, which I lllllooooovvve!
Got a few pics of me....before hitting the road! Lodges at metcourt inn,twas great, tho didn't stay long to enjoy it all.....well maybe next time! Enjoy fabz, stay fierce, faithful and fabulous, mxhwwwwaaaa!!!