Sunday, February 23, 2014


Just like a few posts before, I did a street chic on one of BW (Botswana)'s fashionista business woman. As it is often said, 'dynamites come in small packages', well this petite pretty lady is indeed a dynamite. During a mini interview done over the fone  phone, I managed to get a load of what she's all and all.

This fabulous dynamite is an educator, she works as a teacher in a local junior school. Known to her students as Miss Sesupo,to me she is Lemogang, Lemo, Lemon twist or simply Lemy. She describes her style as simple but the famous Coco Chanel said....a woman should two things...'Classy and fabulous'.

Surely visible, her style is uniquely catering for her petite body. Looking up to the likes of Kim Kardashian, class is achieved, spot on fabulousity and trend.

When asked who inspires her, she mentioned a very respectable man of God, prophet Cedric of Gospel of God's Grace Church. He is my mentor, and not forgetting Oprah, she is a courageous woman, says the Lord' s lil princess- Lemy. As you can see she is rocking the trendy gold metal plate belt, get yours while stock lasts, check out our facebook page Divyine Closet. 
To all you fashion fabz, Lemy says 'Anything in your closet can make you feel good...Remember SHOES define us ladies'. She says she gets her clothes, shoes and jewellery anywhere in the market, she can even pick a skirt at a flee market. This jewel is not to be ignored as she is making massive moves spiritually looking this fabulous. Indeed God is Good all the time.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 Tribal ethnic chic grand neckwear does it for me. It can go with absolutely anything in your closet. I love it love it love it!! Photo credit: anon

 Have this massive rush for GOLD, that is why I am mighty feeling this gold chain hmmm!! Photo credit: anon

 One of my favourite blogger Karla Deras.....she's an inspiration!! Spotted this grand and gaudy massive neck piece in her website

 Leopard print is one print that is hard to shake out of fashion, that is why its still making waves right around many fashionistas' necks, wrists, feet and their bodies. Mad love for this chic neck piece proudly found at our facebook page Divyine Closet. Do take some of your precious time to check it out. Thanx fabz!
 Springy colours....every chic fab's must have to brighten up a gloomy day. Your neck'll do the talking.

 Loving this Chanel grand, gaudy and very classy statement neck piece. Its Chanel.....need I say more??!!

There comes the GOLD again......Photo Credit: anon

 Its the Gold...yet again with a twist of gems this time to spice up this masterpiece of an element.

 Loving le'Chanel chain with Chanel charms on it, this can easily become a staple to every outfit. Thank you Chanel!!
Super irresistible!! She's just in a trendy fab world of her own,young fashionista completes my top 10 faves, and there it is again.....GGGOLD,yes!!!!! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This week we feature posts on real, different, amazing and fabulous young women who are an inspiration to me and I'm sure they will be to you. I get a lil low down on what they do and how they keep it fresh and fierce on the daily.
Our first feature is the sassy, super classy business woman, the down to earth, move making, who's presence and beauty cant be ignored...its non other than Grace Mohlotsane -Mmereki of Jelos Closet on facebook.

I managed to catch up with her and steal 10 minutes of her busy schedule to have a lil chat with her, about her. She has her hair all prepped up with one of her latest major sells (weaves), looking  mighty fab with her grand statement neckpiece.
Mrs...note to all...Mohlotsane-Mmereki is a force to reckon with, she recently established her smooth-running business of fashion retailing. From weaves to trendy accessories, her facebook page Jelos Closet will sure speak volumes. She describes her style as simple, sophisticated with a touch of class. I'm sure all that reveals itself.
Mrs Grace is woman in her own scale of fashion as she does what works for her, but of course says she looks up to the big names in fashion. We sure can learn a thing or two from her *wink*. Although she's paving her own way, she is a woman of virtue and of substance who puts God first place in all that she does. Before she dashed off, she left a style tip for y'all BW(Botswana) fabz and that is to be 'Stylish and Proud' in your individuality and as you makes your own style waves.
But of course she could not leave without us knowing where she gets all glammed up. Her favourite shopping outlet is but Jelos Closet. Check out her page if you wanna get glammed up and check out some of her style as well as the products she sells.

 Not many ladies can pull off the cat-eyed sunglasses but she did!

Having a bad hair month.....Weaves Don't Lie.....Check Jelos Closet for more to get yourself HAIRLICIOUS!!!
Lets meet next time with our other mighty fab and fierce ladies, stay fierce, faithful and fabulous!mxhwaaaaa...... 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Back From The Pause

Been hectic at work but I'm back now fabz hope you are still keeping the faith and the fabulousity!
Here's a few things I've been gathering over the month-my new buys, I've already used most of them so they really aren't new ha!

 TIME OUT!!!! This amazing watch with a gold chain attached to it was a fab find, totally gorgeous! Could not contain myself when I saw it, holla at me if you want one- they are available in a wide range of colours, but green does it for me.

 Lion of the Tribe of Judah-that's Jesus Christ of course. This gold neck piece reminded me of that. I love gold, you need one of to me via email or facebook.

 Chain chain chain!!!Gosh I love these earrings, they are quickly making their way to the top of my favourite earrings list. Theses are from my stock, check our page Divyine Closet on facebook to make your order or email ,thanx fabz!!

 This grand and classy neck piece was a gift for my being a good customer :) You interested in getting one to enhance your glam-o-meter, be sure to holla at me via email of the page stated above.

 This Chanel purse is a must have, available in a range of colours, I likey it a lot!

 My Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-over/ sling bag is now a favourite, I use it everyday, everywhere! I just love it to bits, holla if you want one!

 I'm all GOLD UP!!!! This charmed gold chained neck piece drives me nuts! Once I have it on, its really hard to take it coz I cant stop starring at through my mirror!

 Wore this neckpiece to work one time and was overwhelmed with compliments! Its simply elegant, enough said! Visit our facebook page Divyine Closet for more glamy stuff and to place your order.

  Wore it more than twice coz I jus love its simplicity yet makes a statement. Visit our facebook page Divyine Closet for more super fab and chic stuff and to place your order.

I loves me some Louis V sunglasses, mxhwaaaaa!!!

Thanx for hanging out fabz, take care and don't forget to do your knee-mail! God loves and stay blessed!