Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 Tribal ethnic chic grand neckwear does it for me. It can go with absolutely anything in your closet. I love it love it love it!! Photo credit: anon

 Have this massive rush for GOLD, that is why I am mighty feeling this gold chain hmmm!! Photo credit: anon

 One of my favourite blogger Karla Deras.....she's an inspiration!! Spotted this grand and gaudy massive neck piece in her website www.karlascloset.com

 Leopard print is one print that is hard to shake out of fashion, that is why its still making waves right around many fashionistas' necks, wrists, feet and their bodies. Mad love for this chic neck piece proudly found at our facebook page Divyine Closet. Do take some of your precious time to check it out. Thanx fabz!
 Springy colours....every chic fab's must have to brighten up a gloomy day. Your neck'll do the talking.

 Loving this Chanel grand, gaudy and very classy statement neck piece. Its Chanel.....need I say more??!!

There comes the GOLD again......Photo Credit: anon

 Its the Gold...yet again with a twist of gems this time to spice up this masterpiece of an element.

 Loving le'Chanel chain with Chanel charms on it, this can easily become a staple to every outfit. Thank you Chanel!!
Super adorable...so irresistible!! She's just in a trendy fab world of her own,young fashionista completes my top 10 faves, and there it is again.....GGGOLD,yes!!!!! 

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