Monday, February 3, 2014

Back From The Pause

Been hectic at work but I'm back now fabz hope you are still keeping the faith and the fabulousity!
Here's a few things I've been gathering over the month-my new buys, I've already used most of them so they really aren't new ha!

 TIME OUT!!!! This amazing watch with a gold chain attached to it was a fab find, totally gorgeous! Could not contain myself when I saw it, holla at me if you want one- they are available in a wide range of colours, but green does it for me.

 Lion of the Tribe of Judah-that's Jesus Christ of course. This gold neck piece reminded me of that. I love gold, you need one of to me via email or facebook.

 Chain chain chain!!!Gosh I love these earrings, they are quickly making their way to the top of my favourite earrings list. Theses are from my stock, check our page Divyine Closet on facebook to make your order or email ,thanx fabz!!

 This grand and classy neck piece was a gift for my being a good customer :) You interested in getting one to enhance your glam-o-meter, be sure to holla at me via email of the page stated above.

 This Chanel purse is a must have, available in a range of colours, I likey it a lot!

 My Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-over/ sling bag is now a favourite, I use it everyday, everywhere! I just love it to bits, holla if you want one!

 I'm all GOLD UP!!!! This charmed gold chained neck piece drives me nuts! Once I have it on, its really hard to take it coz I cant stop starring at through my mirror!

 Wore this neckpiece to work one time and was overwhelmed with compliments! Its simply elegant, enough said! Visit our facebook page Divyine Closet for more glamy stuff and to place your order.

  Wore it more than twice coz I jus love its simplicity yet makes a statement. Visit our facebook page Divyine Closet for more super fab and chic stuff and to place your order.

I loves me some Louis V sunglasses, mxhwaaaaa!!!

Thanx for hanging out fabz, take care and don't forget to do your knee-mail! God loves and stay blessed!

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