Sunday, February 23, 2014


Just like a few posts before, I did a street chic on one of BW (Botswana)'s fashionista business woman. As it is often said, 'dynamites come in small packages', well this petite pretty lady is indeed a dynamite. During a mini interview done over the fone  phone, I managed to get a load of what she's all and all.

This fabulous dynamite is an educator, she works as a teacher in a local junior school. Known to her students as Miss Sesupo,to me she is Lemogang, Lemo, Lemon twist or simply Lemy. She describes her style as simple but the famous Coco Chanel said....a woman should two things...'Classy and fabulous'.

Surely visible, her style is uniquely catering for her petite body. Looking up to the likes of Kim Kardashian, class is achieved, spot on fabulousity and trend.

When asked who inspires her, she mentioned a very respectable man of God, prophet Cedric of Gospel of God's Grace Church. He is my mentor, and not forgetting Oprah, she is a courageous woman, says the Lord' s lil princess- Lemy. As you can see she is rocking the trendy gold metal plate belt, get yours while stock lasts, check out our facebook page Divyine Closet. 
To all you fashion fabz, Lemy says 'Anything in your closet can make you feel good...Remember SHOES define us ladies'. She says she gets her clothes, shoes and jewellery anywhere in the market, she can even pick a skirt at a flee market. This jewel is not to be ignored as she is making massive moves spiritually looking this fabulous. Indeed God is Good all the time.

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