Friday, June 13, 2014

My 'winter cover up' Faves

For any info on any of theses items...don't hesitate to email me or leave a comment! What are your winter cover up faves?

Monday, June 9, 2014



Achived this look using these items
  • Avon colourtrend concealer
  • Glam black matte eye-shadow
  • Glam soft brown shimmery eye-shadow
  • Glam caramel shimmery shadow
  • Glam soft pink blush
  • Rimmel glam'eyes professional liquid liner
  • Colours brown pencil eye liner
  • LEGiT black eye liner
  • Avon infinite black mascara
  • Signature bronzer
  • Avon's berry smooch lipstick
  • Avon ideal flawless loose powder
  • ...and of cause using all theses make up brushes from Signature and Edgars Botswana!
Keep the Lord God first place and He'l lift you up to places you never imaged. He must increase,but I must decrease...John 3:30
Stay FFF GLs!!

Street CHiC

We are back once again with another exciting episode of 'Street CHiC' and this time we are focusing on the feisty, ever so vivacious, bubbly and not forgetting stylish young lady. This beautiful soul is non other than Bokamoso Thobega- a proud Mokgatla from Thamaga, Botswana. She recently completed her Bachelor's Degree in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering at Botswana College of Agriculture. So you'll know not to mess around with this intelligent and mighty talented lady..! 
Get a load down on her gorgeousness on a massive scale...

We had a lil' chic chat with her and this is what we got up to...
Having completed her degree in 2013,she's currently looking for a job...but we say...looking this great is a job on its own, but we are sure to keep her in our prayers!

When asked about her passions/aspirations this was her response: 'I am just so passionate about fashion, ever since I can remember and I have always taken a keen interest in it. Like any other form of art, you can express yourself through fashion. Should God be willing and an opportunity presents itself, I would very much like to pursue business in this field.'....and what do we say...BIG UPPS to her!!..she's passion driven, our type of  women of substance :)
She goes on to explain what drives this passion of hers saying...'There's absolutely nothing more attractive than a lady or even a man who looks good because when you look feel good. There is again nothing more fulfilling than excelling in what you are truly passionate about. So the idea that I could one day see myself at that place that had solely existed in my dreams...that right there gives me that crucial nudge to head towards my goal!'

There to inspire her life is without a doubt her lovely sister Goaletsa. To her she is by far the hardest working female she's ever came across, not only is she supportive to her, but also a wonderful and loving mother and a passionate business woman. 'I look at her and believe that its more than possible to succeed, she said.'
 In four words, she describes her style as fun, comfortable, effortless and chic!
And to achieve these chic, comfy and effortless looks she gets her clothing items from anywhere, be it a local flee market in Gaborone to the famous Mr Price, Options or even the extravagant Stuttafords, as they all offer a wide range of fab items. This means she is not a brand or label conscious stylista.
 Her five favourite items in her closet are:
1.Her Aztec print jumpsuit she got from Topline
2.Her vintage pullover jersey from a local flee market
3. Her trench coat by Tlale at Legit
4.Her sissy boy skinny jeans from Options
5.Her denim pencil skirt from Mr Price.

We now truly see how she puts together all her fabulousity and unique style! Having spent this quality time with her, she left something special from her to you fabz...a style tip for you BW GL fabz...Ms Bk as we often like to call her says 'Go for clothing items that suit your body type, because what looks fabulous on you wont necessarily look good on me or vice versa.' If you cant imagine yourself in it, leave it!! You will not own your look if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing'
With this amazing and well needed tip for most of y'all (truth hurts)...we are sure you are on your own venture to looking and feeling you-niquely facbulous and chic! Much love and appreciation to Ms Bokamoso Thobega! xox

If you love her style and want to hear more from her to guide your own style, contact me and she'll be sure to know about it! Stay fierce, faithful and fabulous <3<3 

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hello my fabulous and fierce GLs...winter has come...some dread it and some are madly in love with it because you get to stay undercover and snuggle beside a fire. However we often tend to neglect our nails during this season. Here are a few ideas of how to primp and prep your nails this winter to get you looking all glam despite of the chills.

 Sneak in a tribal design
 How bowt you lace them up....?
 This chrome blue is super super chic and fabulous!
This look can work out on your wedding day, especially for you the bride!
 Or you can just have them looking all natural!
In whatever nail art you go for, make sure you pick the shape that goes super well with your fingers or you can try them all out for that exploration...the current favourite is the mountain shape aka stiletto shape. Go on and NAIL IT fabz!!

God bless- stay faithful, fierce and fabulous!!

Chilled OUT!

This could easily be one of the most relaxed and fun-filled mini outdoor shoot, done by my better half!
I seriously need to get camera with much better quality...anywho... hope you enjoyed viewing my 'chilled out' pics
I wore:
  • Black tights-Ackermans
  • Suede red heels-Jet Store
  • White loose-fitting fold up shirt-Mr Price
  • Louis Vuitton sunglasses- Viv Trends
  • Lion head gold chain-Viv Trends
  • Gold bracelet-JELOS Closet
  • Gold mini clutch-Mr Price
  • Black statement ring-Mr Price
  • ...oh and box braided-local hair dresser!
Love y'all sooo much keep loving and living for our Lord God and thank Him everyday of your life-no matter what you are going through...He's Able!
Stay fabulous my GL's, xox!