Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hello my fabulous and fierce GLs...winter has come...some dread it and some are madly in love with it because you get to stay undercover and snuggle beside a fire. However we often tend to neglect our nails during this season. Here are a few ideas of how to primp and prep your nails this winter to get you looking all glam despite of the chills.

 Sneak in a tribal design
 How bowt you lace them up....?
 This chrome blue is super super chic and fabulous!
This look can work out on your wedding day, especially for you the bride!
 Or you can just have them looking all natural!
In whatever nail art you go for, make sure you pick the shape that goes super well with your fingers or you can try them all out for that exploration...the current favourite is the mountain shape aka stiletto shape. Go on and NAIL IT fabz!!

God bless- stay faithful, fierce and fabulous!!

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