Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chilled OUT!

This could easily be one of the most relaxed and fun-filled mini outdoor shoot, done by my better half!
I seriously need to get camera with much better quality...anywho... hope you enjoyed viewing my 'chilled out' pics
I wore:
  • Black tights-Ackermans
  • Suede red heels-Jet Store
  • White loose-fitting fold up shirt-Mr Price
  • Louis Vuitton sunglasses- Viv Trends
  • Lion head gold chain-Viv Trends
  • Gold bracelet-JELOS Closet
  • Gold mini clutch-Mr Price
  • Black statement ring-Mr Price
  • ...oh and box braided-local hair dresser!
Love y'all sooo much keep loving and living for our Lord God and thank Him everyday of your life-no matter what you are going through...He's Able!
Stay fabulous my GL's, xox!

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