Monday, June 9, 2014



Achived this look using these items
  • Avon colourtrend concealer
  • Glam black matte eye-shadow
  • Glam soft brown shimmery eye-shadow
  • Glam caramel shimmery shadow
  • Glam soft pink blush
  • Rimmel glam'eyes professional liquid liner
  • Colours brown pencil eye liner
  • LEGiT black eye liner
  • Avon infinite black mascara
  • Signature bronzer
  • Avon's berry smooch lipstick
  • Avon ideal flawless loose powder
  • ...and of cause using all theses make up brushes from Signature and Edgars Botswana!
Keep the Lord God first place and He'l lift you up to places you never imaged. He must increase,but I must decrease...John 3:30
Stay FFF GLs!!

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