Saturday, May 24, 2014

heART ARTtack

 MAD mad love for the unique and artistic design on this beetle! This used to be my first dream car as a youth....but has since been overtook by jeep wrangler, shem! However, you are still somewhere in my heart. Looks like a mobile colourful quilt.....EPIC!!
 COLOUR ME beauty draped in rainbow colours....super awesome!!
 WATERMELON WONDERS....J'ADORE!!Blessed is the hand that creates such magnificent beauty beyond one's imagination!
 This massive design on its own tickles my sweet buds to the core.....with these sweet flowers no woman can stay mad you for long guys ;) no matter what you did or said....well DON'T get any ideas!!
 Every brush stroke and every paper cut harmonises with the outspoken mind of nature's intention to boast in A-free-CAN  beauty. Every ray of light dances joyfully on the carefully sculptured design. 

 Simple yet eye-catching sophistication <3

 HUGE SIGH......Mind-blowing Magnifique!! 

 Clash of the alphabets...This was utterly unintentional...was designing a theme poster for my school's prize-giving day and somehow ended up with these letters all jumbled up right before I started putting them together...WOW!!!
Behind every strong man is a prayer warrior!!
Lots of love GL's! xox

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