Friday, May 16, 2014

HAIR for HER for DAYS!

 Natural and kinky is a blessing for us black beauties, flaunt your natural hair as often as you can, though it wont be long before you need to straighten it(hair relaxer ;) ) but check out these black beauties in their short and long naturals. EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!

  Afro bella short chic, mad love for this hair.

 ....And you can add a lil colour to your natural hair, you can go honey gold, blonde, all kinds of reds(ruby or favourites) 

 Lupita-rised....bringing natural sexy back. She's a force to reckon with.
 Cornrows in all types never goes out of style, fab up your lil one's hair in this lovely flower design. You gonna need a great hair stylist for this one. Do get around to experimenting with your hair- its fascinating and exhilarating.



 For my naturally soft haired ladies...your best friend should be your hair straightener for that curly hair, your curler to curl it, colour to create that hair to DYE for and spray to achieve your 'Jersey' teased big hair.
One other we African bellas cannot live with is box braids that recently made a massive come back in many celebs' hair trends...well, as far as I know the trend never left! So get your braid on fabz and switch it up by mixing different shades of colour and lengths to style up your unique-ness.

  I personally still love 'hard and soft dread hair braid' ....thinking of doing it again...kicked up a notch of course!

Although we occasionally emulate our Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Cambodian etc sisters by having  their hair on ours, I must say....we still look smashing HOTT!! We are weave-o-licious!!....examples below...


Yours truly...
 My super hot cousin Abu rocking her 16 inch ebonyilian look....mad fab!!

 My uber classy galfriend Grace rocking the wavy 16 inch Brazilian weave....leave a comment if you wanna get one for yourself.

 Care to try out this DIY hair cream for your natural hair??....go right ahead to achieve your desired hair strength and most of all ...shine, if they say our country's drying up...don't let it go to your head,yah!!!
Stay Fierce, Faithful and Fabulous! God bless, mxhwaaa!!!
Pic credit: anon

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