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Peace unto to you my faithful, fierce and fabulous GL's & GM's. Often times we don't know or are just ignorant unaware of what name is given to the type of shoes we wear. Especially the ladies since ours vary a lot. Well this post here will definitely clear out some of those confusions and enlighten you on what you put your beautiful feet into. Lets quickly look at this shoe guide to get a load down on the names and how to identify which shoe is which based in the sole design, size and height as well as how it appears. Keep your FASHION-O-METER functional!!  
Description: Royal blue studded wedge half boot. Its functional and high fashion, best if you want to be bold and make a statement without saying a word. Its a NO-NO in the work place where professionalism gets you brownie points. Keep it for your girls' night out.
Description: Nude studded wedges. It can easily be styled up or down, be careful not to go OTT coz the shoes do make a shiny statement.

Description: Plain colour wedges
These can work both in the professional and personal field, because they are suitable for all occasions.

Description: Monochrome zebra print wedge with ankle strap
Bold and beautiful to look at and wear.
Description: Heeless studded shoes, because they are heel less they cannot specifically be wedges. The support of the shoe is centred at the middle of the shoe where the weight hits. An invention that wowed the fashion world and continues to make waves across the world.
Description: Red and Gold Strappy wedges. These are best for one who wants to show of their beautiful/ pedicured feet. For some of us with thick feet, would not do much justice to such a shoe. Although a heat reliever, there are other suitable options.
Description: Can come in all colours, but for as long as it is more than 4 inches...its a Pump! They are not walking shoes at all, their job is to make an attractive and grand entrance, then go and take your seat...that's it. Don't attempt to go shopping in these or attend a funeral or any event where walking is a necessity. 
Description: These remain the ALL time classy go to type of shoe for classy, chic fashionistas and style enthusiasts. Although may need to be alternated with more comfy shoes but they do their job well, comfort...check, class...check, chic...check, timeless...double check!! Pick a colour that complements your skin tone, of course you can own more than one colour if it suits you.
Description: Lace peep toe criss-cross strapped platforms. Elegant and classy, can work for weddings, office and party alike. These are more girly, so best suited for my girly ladies.
Description: Brown multi-straps open toed platforms. These are the best option for some of us with thick feet, looking comfortably fabulous and keeping the heat at bay. A bonus to have those toe nails in a bright summer polish.
Description: Open toes strappy platforms with a great under sole to grip the floor. This is very convenient for those slippery floors. They look mighty comfortable. Would be adored by edgy ladies, however can be mixed and matched to create a super glamourous ensemble.
Description: White peep toe platforms with a gold bow ornament. These fab shoes are functional for many events, birthdays, showers, anniversaries, dates and the work place.
Description: Purple open toed platforms with side cut-outs. This pair can easily be my favourite as it is all rounded- comfort, fashion forward, unique, classy and sophisticated. Lovely for photo shoots, grand entrances for prestigious fashion events like fashion shows, meet and greets.
Description: Leopard print...need I say more!? Red bottom peep-toed leopard print platforms...these prints literally revamp any blah outfit. THUMBS UP FOR LEOPARD PRINTS!!
Description: Platforms can come in thigh high boots, knee-length or ankle-length like the red and zebra print above. Platforms can come in straps of any pattern and design, different colours with unique and sophisticated ornaments to add personality to them. All functional for all types of occasions depending on the design and colour...well except for running!
Description: Stilettos tend to have thinner soles...easy to wear and walk in unlike pumps. Most fabz walk around in them a lot, well its not advisable to walk in them or pumps and platforms for longer hours...we need to reduce bunion formations or just doing damage to our precious feet. That is why some ladies do carry a bag to accommodate more comfortable or should I say high heel relievers.
Description: Only about 1.5 inches high, these gorgeous patterned shoes are a revolution for those ladies who 1. Cant walk in 6 inch heels 2.Do not find any comfort in anything higher than this  or 3. Want to look chic with an elevation in an extremely busy work field in which you walk almost 6 hours out of 8 or 9 hours. Its an elegant and wiser alternative for higher heels.
Description: As its name stipulates, derived from out sisters who actually do ballet dance...these shoes are usually brought along with the pumps, platforms or stilettos to act as feet relievers. However, some fabz just love them for walking all day... although they tend to hurt when worn for long.  They too come in many various designs, colours, patterns and added decoratives. These relievers are however cannot be a staple if you work in the fashion industry where elegance and trends are a focal point.
 Descriptions: Extremely comfortable for longer walks or major shopping. These shoes are really casual, often disregarded in the professional world. Never turn up in these for a job interview, ever. They come in brilliant colours, can be dressed down and up, can be vamped up with studs or glitter etc. just to personalise them.  
Description: Although comfortable, they are not as thick soled like slip-ons...these would solely depend on one's comfort zone under-feet. They are very fashionable and trendy. Can take the place of ballet flats for a more unique feet reliever.

 Description: Multi colours using different shoe fabrics is an advantage about these shoes. Borrowed from men's shoes, but now they are unisex shoes and they suit both alike. Fashionistas love them and would grab them over ballet flats, I know I would. Well of course they are very much acceptable in the world of fashion where the rule is to break the rules as long as it WORKS!
Thank you so much for attending....stay blessed and never ever forget to glorify your CREATOR.

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